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I have always loved to draw, it’s always been in me and it is definitely my happy place. I never really had much confidence in my abilities though and it was always just a hobby, I was also dead set on becoming a Veterinarian so I never gave it much focus. 

I didn’t quite make the grade for Vet school (not even close actually!) But I went to Uni for about a month to study veterinary nursing and hated every minute so came home to reconsider my options. It was then that I started working for a well known lingerie retailer and I stayed there for over 12 years working up to management. I learnt so much about great customer service in my time there and, as it encompassed the whole of my twenties, I grew into an adult there and became who I am now. In that time I got married, had two babies and made some of the best friends you could ask for. Retail was never my long term goal and with two young children it was tough to get a good work life balance.

I have always suffered with anxiety and depression and this was worsened by losing both my parents and it made me want to be with my kids more as they grow and find a career that was flexible to work around them and something I really wanted to be doing too – lifes too short to not do what you love!

That was when I started to take my art more seriously, I took two online courses in Illustration and digital illustration and more importantly I started practising! I watched YouTube videos, I followed inspiring artists and I practiced! 

I started with bespoke pet portraits, and these are still my favourites, and added in original artwork (mostly wildlife) , prints and greeting cards as well as people portraits. 

The business and marketing side is still a huge learning curve and I am always improving my art and learning new things (imposter syndrome crops up every now and again!) but I love what I do and I love making people happy through my art. 

Going forward my main focus will still be pet portraits but I am also planning on adding to my range with more illustrative style work, more prints and merchandise like mugs and coasters etc. 

Hopefully that has given you a bit of an insight into me and my life, I am always happy to answer questions people have about my process, products, materials I use or most other things! 

Fun Facts 

I am an aquarius 

I am a huge Harry Potter nerd 

I grew up in London but moved to Bedfordshire in 2018. 

I have two sisters 

I have 4 tattoos

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2 thoughts on “Meet the Maker

  1. Hi – Lovely to read about how you got started! I love your fun facts and your family photo (try saying that with a fruit pastille in your mouth!) Imposter syndrome hits us all I think…..your shop looks brilliant and good luck with your TBCH journey. Sarah x

    1. Thank you so much! X

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