We love Beverley’s work.

She has combined her love of wood and its tactile qualities with that of colour and resin and copper clay to hand make unique pendants and rings!

We caught up with her to find out a bit more about her!

I am Beverley, of ‘Bevart designs’ I live in the beautiful Ribble Valley in Lancashire.

I will always be that artist that fell into making jewellery making and designing, many people have
said that my artwork would make lovely jewellery pieces, this got me thinking and I started
to create and work on this possibility. I made a few pieces and put them on display in my
studio… to my delight I sold a few, 12 months on I was accepted for a great art and craft
show called ‘Art in the Pen’. I took with me my framed artwork and my jewellery, I made
more sales than I thought possible.

Being encouraged by this I applied to sell on ‘The British
Craft House’ and was thrilled to be accepted. You can find my shop here! 

I have always taught art classes to adults sometimes with a crossover into craft making like
flower arranging, printmaking, card making etc.
I am inspired to create any art work including my jewellery by nature, the Japanese way of
Wabisabi, travel, and other artists, I love the work of Greyson Perry, Yayoi Kusama, there
are lots more!

I graduated from university in 2008 with a degree in fine art, with a friend and colleague we
wanted to still try and work together in a studio environment, we wanted to find a place
where we could provide affordable studio space for other artists. I am currently the proud
owner of ‘Atelier Arts’ an art studio collective with gallery and teaching space in Clitheroe
from here I sell my paintings, I teach art classes to adults including general art and life
drawing , I also teach art in Spain with partners ‘Caves of Dreams’ we provide a full all-
inclusive art holiday experience in Baza, the region of Andalucia.

What is the dream? The dream was always to own an art studio, the other is to be selling
my work more regularly, whether that’s jewellery or my paintings to build a following and to
become successful.

I am currently working from home and we have a workshop in the garage, so I can keep on
creating and making.

To relax and have fun I love to tap dance, I regularly take part in yoga, pilates and
meditation. I also love photography and to travel sketch and paint.

You can shop the collection here! https://thebritishcrafthouse.co.uk/shop/bevartdesigns/

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