Why Sell with The British Craft House?

Our Mission is to have an amazing platform for hand picked independent British Artisans to sell their designs on. We care about your making sales as much as you do. We want to get your work seen far and wide to unite you with discerning shoppers and gift buyers from all over the World. We also will provide a support network to help you thrive and connect with like-minded sellers.

Simple Pricing Structure

We have a 3 tier system where you can change up or down by month as circumstances dictate. We are offering both a monthly payment for flexibility or an annual package where you can save up to £50 per year. If you commit to this it really allows us to get to know you and your brand and to be able to help you sell more by having a constant presence on the website.

There will be a 7.2% commission on all sales (inc VAT)  but not on postage. (we see this as our commitment to you to get you sales and help your shop thrive)

We use Stripe to process payments. Their processing fee is 1.4% plus 20p per transaction.

Application Process

Because of our Application process it does mean that some applicants will not be accepted. As well as amazing workmanship we also have a requirement for fabulous photos – because after all, selling online is all about being able to show off your work and this is why we are allowing up to 8 photos per item so you can really show it from all angles. If you are not accepted first time then please do feel free to work on the areas suggested to you and then reapply.

Straightforward Shop Keeping

Our website is easy to navigate and your Sellers Dashboard is straight-forward to use. We have a series of videos to help you through the setting up process. You will be able to easily manage your finances and order management.

Crafters Community

The British Crafting community is fabulous with like-minded sellers helping each other and celebrating others’ success. Our Private Facebook (TBCH Hub) group will be the “go to” place with your morning coffee to start the day. There will be daily opportunities to network and boost each other’s social media presence with posts to your TBCH shops.

Support For You

We are always here to answer any questions that you might have and would be very pleased to help you.

So why choose TBCH as your Handmade platform?

The Best Quality

We set an extremely high standard for our Shops. Every single item for sale on our website will be of the highest quality. We will not accept too many shops selling the same sorts of designs, so you will get the chance to stand out and be noticed.

We will work our socks off for you! (Handmade of course…)

We will also be “happy jigging” when you make a sale when you are! One of the reasons we decided on a commission charge was because we are as committed to you making sales as you are.  We understand that a sale or no sale can result in new ballet shoes or no ballet shoes. It is so important! We run paid advertising on Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram and Google. We are on a mission to get TBCH in front of as many potential shoppers as we can. We will work tirelessly to get them to your Shop door!  Of course we can’t make them buy anything, that is for you to have an enticing shop so that they browse and purchase!

In the Press and Photographs

We have been featured now in over 250 magazines and newspaper including The Times, The Telegraph, Stella and Country Living. We work with a dedicated PR specialist who does an amazing job! We also have had 3 slots on BBC Radio!  This all helps to raise our Brand Awareness and to bring shoppers to the website! We were also invited as one of just 12 businesses in 2022 to attend the Christmas Showcase in Downing Street!

Because of the time that it takes from ‘Pitch to Press’ we will focus press releases and product requests to shops that choose to sign up with an annual package.

You can see some of our coverage in our Media File.

Why sell with TBCH?

We believe that UK Sellers deserve a platform built for the future to help their work be seen across the World.

We have a vast, engaged following of over 140K across social media.

The Community that was previously on social media as British Crafters was set up in 2012 and has created lasting friendships, people that go out of their way to support each other and to offer advice. We have harnessed this in our TBCH HUB Facebook group where you will get the opportunity to network on a daily basis, to boost your shop and to connect with like-minded people.