Apply to Sell at The British Craft House


Come and join the team!

Join a community of artisans and makers from across the United Kingdom working together to offer hand made products and craft items of great quality. We help you as much or as little as you like, and have a vibrant Sellers Community Hub for networking, skill sharing and supporting each other. (This is optional to join!)

Who can sell on TBCH?

  • TBCH is for artisans living in the UK and making their own designs.
  • We are to be the “go to” site for gift buying, where shoppers can know with confidence that they are buying genuinely handmade, quality items and supporting independent crafters around the UK

What Makes Us Different?

We are showcasing the Best of British Crafts – hand picking artisans for their originality and high quality. As an application based site we will not have a plethora of shops selling similar items. We want you to be able to be found and to delight shoppers with your products.

We have a Social Media following of over 130K which will enable us to get you seen much further than you would be able to yourself.

We actively advertise every item listed on the website with paid ads across social media and on Google. For some packages we work with a PR specialist and in 2020  obtained great coverage in National publications such as Country Life, The Metro and The Times. 

Here are  Seller’s FAQ’s

When you apply to sell at the British Craft House you will find a range of packages so that can help small start up businesses to grow as well as to support established ones.

You will be able to choose your preferred subscription once you have received confirmation that your application has been successful.

Application Process

We have an application process because we want to keep our standards high and be proud for any of our items to be displayed on the front page. 

Please head to our brand new page to complete the application form.