Apply to Sell at The British Craft House

Apply here to sell at The British Craft House.

Join a community of artisans and makers from across the United Kingdom working together to offer hand made products and craft items of great quality. In order to do this however, we have to be clear about what sort of makers would be a good fit for our platform as well as being transparent about those vendors for whom our platform would not be suitable. Before you apply please make sure that you fit into the criteria we have layed out.

Who can sell on TBCH

  • TBCH is for artisans living in the UK and making their own designs, no vintage, no reselling, upcycling is permitted but only if the item is significantly altered from the original. No supplies.
  • We aim to be the “go to” site for gift buying, where shoppers can know with confidence that they are buying genuinely handmade, quality items and supporting UK crafters.
We realise that there are different interpretations of what is considered to be ‘handmade’. We ask that there be a handmade element in jewellery designs that specifically has been made by the artisan applying. So if you hand make a focal bead for example you could add to this design with other elements but it has to be handmade by you and not by a 3rd party bead designer. We realise that this is different to other handmade sites and apologise if you are unable to apply due to this criteria.
We ask that you price your designs appropriately so as to place proper worth on the design and skill it takes to produce your work. We welcome sellers who are making for a living, or use crafting as a relaxing hobby as long as designs are given their true value.

What Makes Us Different?

We are showcasing the Best of British Crafts – hand picking artisans for their originality and high quality. As an application based site we will not have a plethora of shops selling similar items. We want you to be able to be found and to delight shoppers with your products.

We have a Social Media following of over 130K which will enable us to get you seen much further than you would be able to yourself.

Having had my own website and having been a seller on most of the popularly used handmade sites since 2009 I am acutely aware of both the good and the not so good parts of them.  I hope to bring together the best parts that they offer with new and exciting ideas to get your work seen and most importantly sold!

Pricing Plans 

These can be located here

Please have a look at Seller’s FAQ’s 

When you apply to sell at the British Craft House you will find a range of packages so that can help small start up businesses to grow as well as to support established ones.

You will be able to choose your preferred subscription once you have received confirmation that your application has been successful.

Application Process

We have an application process because we want to keep our standards high and be proud for any of our items to be displayed on the front page. This does mean that some sellers won’t be accepted on their initial application. Should you not be accepted you are welcome to ask for more details as to the reasons why. 

You can apply using the form below – there is no fee incurred at this stage. We will promptly consider your application and we will usually be able to provide you with a response within 1 – 3 working days. Successful applicants will be invited to proceed and choose between the different packages that we have on offer. Great photographs are key to a successful application, they do not need to be professional photos but they need to be clear, in focus and demonstrate how you would display your work within your TBCH shop.

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