The Back Story…

Fee Higgs Made By Fee Silver

I have always loved creative arts and their therapeutic and mindful benefits e.g., drawing, painting, linocut, photography and crochet but when I discovered silversmithing a few years ago, I was completely hooked right from the start…  

I’m absorbed by all aspects of the process from the initial design stage to working with the metal including the filing, soldering, forming and texturing but my absolute favourite technique is ‘piercing’ out the shapes needed with my favourite tool, a very fine jewellers saw.   Genuinely, when I’m away from my bench I truly miss it, it is my sanctuary!

I am, in fact, an experienced primary years teacher with an additional teacher of the deaf specialism, but I have now left the classroom to get back to my creative self.   So, I’m fortunate that I am able to devote time and energy into developing this passion (obsession maybe?) into a small business and thoroughly enjoying the challenges it brings.   

One of the biggest challenges I’ve found is in developing a particular style that runs through my work.  Maybe that’s the Gemini in me?  In any case, I have made a conscious decision not to restrict myself at all, but to make all that I enjoy, that comes to mind and learn lots on the way and therefore I have created and continue to create an eclectic mix of artisan silver jewellery that I hope you enjoy wearing as much as I’ve enjoyed making.