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Lucinda's Art

Lucinda's Art

Welcome to Lucinda’s art!

Hello, my name is Lucinda Thompson and I am a textile artist from Cardiff. Thank you for looking at my shop. As you can see I create hand embroidered framed pictures, embroidery hoop art and mini hoop necklaces. I also take commissions for hand embroidered pet portraits in a variety of sized hoops.

I have always enjoyed art, anything creative but particularly embroidery. I studied art and textiles for A level and then went on to do a foundation course in fine art and then I completed a degree in art and aesthetics in Cardiff.

I am hugely inspired by my pets! I have always had a dog or cat in my life and love our fur babies! I have had many commissions of pet portraits to make recently and it seems to be a growing trend in my business. I am very happy to go along with this as I absolutely love the subject.

My family live in West Wales and we visit them regularly. We go for many walks on the beautiful beaches Pembrokeshire has to offer. My childhood holidays would be spent here and I’m sure this is where my love of the sea and all things coastal comes from.

My hand embroidered pictures are composed of different fabrics patchworked together then I embroider the detail on top. I am a fan of recycling so the fabrics I use are often reused/recycled. I choose the colour and texture of the fabric to represent and look like the appearance of the scene I want to create. I feel it is like painting with fabric and thread. This process usually starts with a photograph, I then make a template and fill it in with lots of embroidery stiches.  

I hope you enjoy browsing through my shop, if I can help in anyway please feel free to send me a message or call. 

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