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Hello & thank you for visiting my Pictures2Mixtures shop, I’m Tracey.

I love capturing memories & moments in time on camera; how to make use of my images led to setting up Pictures2Mixtures. I produce unique framed artwork created using my original photographs & a variety of techniques & mixed media.

Embellishing my photographs using hand painted silhouettes is a favoured technique which creates 3D effects that bring images to life as the shadows move in the ever changing light; every piece is unique & demands a degree of previously unknown patience! Mixed media &/or messaging is also extensively used with my small frame range which includes general images, seasonal themed pictures, sentimental works & fun cheeky critters; I also offer triptychs with some series. 

My work evolves with the discovery of new places, techniques & inspirations. I often deliberately look for unusual shots or creative angles that may break rules of composition; images that will transfer into paint or fit within my portfolio to spark interest as a display piece, create a gift given with love or friendship or to raise a smile.

Thank you again,  Tracey

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