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Re-Energize You

Re-Energize You


I’m Caroline, an actor/artist and Reiki Master. Re-Energize You, is the shop front for my pretty, positive and powerful energy stones, pebbles, canvasses and prints.

Energy Stones not only look lovely in your home or garden but also really help in these difficult times by evoking a wave of calming energy, to help you stay positive and be well. This is because they are charged to flow Reiki- a Japanese word meaning “Universal Life Force Energy” also known as prana or chi.

Perfect for a meditation practice, or as a mindfulness gift to anchor you, they are also brilliant for children promote better sleep and combat anxious thoughts or worries. So a great addition for your wellness toolkit!

I have many different designs which are personalised,  but please do contact me for anything bespoke as I’m happy to create the perfect stone for you!

Much love and light, Caroline x

P.S-Do check out my blog for more about Energy Stones or my facebook page for more information on the services I provide. Oh I’m over on Instagram too @re_energize_you 

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Shop owner Caroline Baker-Duly