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Ooak Gifts

Ooak Gifts

Handmade with care to give with love is the motto of Ooak Gifts.

Tote bags for young children, keepsake dolls as mementos of a special occasion, and necklaces based on the birth chart of the wearer are the three personalised, made to order, ranges on which Ooak Gifts focuses. I currently also offer a limited number of miniature teddies with jumpers and scarves knitted in your chosen team colours.

From time to time my shop may offer other, one-of-a-kind, ready to buy items. These will usually be sewn or, in the case of decorative gift boxes, mixed media. I currently have a small number of hand knitted items for babies in simple classical styles which I made under my Teddy Ed label.

All items in my shop are individually handmade by me with attention to detail.

Please come in and have a look around…  Everything can be posted direct to the recipient (if different from the buyer) if required.

Shop owner Sue Nam