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Welcome to JOYSOFGLASS.  

** I am more than happy to post direct and there is a gift card option against all my pieces where you can specify the message you want including **
If you contact me, I will Always respond so please check your junk mail if you don’t find my reply in your inbox. 

If it’s in my shop here then it is available to be posted out to you and I always post first class on first possible posting day.   Joy xx

My name is Joy and glass is indeed my Joy. I make stained glass and fused glass pieces. This is my main JOYSofGLASS shop and contains just my Stained Glass Work.
You can now also  find my Fused glass in my other ,brand new, JOYSofGLASS FUSED shop by clicking here:
My JOYSOFGLASS FUSED Shop on the British Crafthouse
Everything I make is unique, special and handmade by me with love.
 My shop is full of glass, all unique, special and handmade by me with love.  I hope you will enjoy your visit.  I always try to ensure that I have something for everyone so I hope you find what you are looking for. If not please contact me and I will do my very best to help. 

Please read my blog to find out more about Joysofglass . 

I will be open again end of June. Very happy to reserve anything in the meantime, please just message me.
  • bird kingfisher bluetit robin dove stained glass suncatcher

    Bluetit, Kingfisher, Dove or Robin Stained Glass Suncatcher Bird

  • Heart of hearts rainbow stained glass suncatcherrt

    Heart of Hearts Rainbow Stained Glass Suncatcher Choice of Colourway

  • jubilee bunting stained glass suncatcher

    Jubilee Bunting Stained Glass Suncatcher 5 or 7 flag

  • jubilee stained glass suncatcher dragonfly butterfly red white blue platinum

    Jubilee Butterfly or Dragonfly Stained Glass Suncatcher Tile Red White Blue

  • plant stick heart flower jubilee or rainbow stained glass suncatcherai

    Plant Stick Heart or Jubilee Flower or Rainbow Flower Stained Glass Suncatcher

  • flower stained glass suncatcher bluebell pansy iris cowslip sweetpea poppy daffodil

    A Bluebell Cowslip Daffodil Iris Pansy Poppy or Sweetpea Stained Glass Suncatcher


    A Dalarna Horse Stained Glass Suncatcher Red or Blue

  • Flower heart stained glass suncatchererg

    A Flower Heart Stained Glass Suncatcher Daffodil Daisy Primrose or Snowdrop

  • flower heart stained glass suncatcher poppy pansy iris lily

    A Flower Heart Stained Glass Suncatcher Pansy Poppy Lily or Iris Choice

  • patchwork heart stained glass suncatcher handmade joysofglass

    A Patchwork Heart Stained Glass Suncatcher Colour Choice

  • sea heart stained glass suncatcher blue sky sunset

    A Sea Heart Stained Glass Suncatcher Blue or Sunset Sky

  • swirl heart stained glass suncatcherglas

    A Swirl Heart Stained Glass Suncatcher Colour Choice