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** I am always more than happy to post direct and there is a gift card option against all my pieces where you can specify the message you want me to include **
If you contact me, I will Always respond so please check your junk mail if you don’t find my reply in your inbox.
If it’s in my shop here then it is available to be posted out to you and I always post first class on first possible posting day. Joy xx

My name is Joy and glass is indeed my Joy. I make stained glass and fused glass pieces. This is my Joysofglass Fused shop and contains only my fused glass work. You can find all my other, stained glass, in my other Joysofglass shop here:Everything I make is unique, special and handmade by me with love. My kiln is only small, there is not enough room in my studio garage for a big kiln as the space is so filled with my glass and stained glass work there is no room for anything bigger.
I hope you will enjoy your visit.
I always try to ensure that I have something for everyone so I hope you find what you are looking for. If not please contact me and I will do my very best to help.

Shop owner JOYSofGlass Fused
  • Fused Glass Heart Shaped Dish dichroic valentine mothers day

    Fused Glass Heart Shaped Dish Dichroic Red

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  • fused glass 12cm red gold dichroic bowl

    Dichroic Fused Glass Bowl Red Gold 045

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  • Kingfisher Blue fused glass dichroic dish 9.5cm handmadee

    Kingfisher Blue 9.5cm Fused Square Dish Dichroic Decoration

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  • Fused Glass Love Heart handmade dichroic decorated hanginga

    Fused Glass Red Heart Valentine Gift

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  • Red Fused Soap trinket dish gold dichroic handmadegi

    Fused Glass Red Dichroic Soap Dish

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  • Fused dichroic glass heart mini box framed picture

    Mini Dichroic Fused Glass Heart Box Framed Red

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  • box framed fused glass rainbow heart

    Rainbow Patchwork Heart Box Framed Fused Glass

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  • fused glass picture garden heart box framed

    Garden Picture Heart Fused Glass Box Framed

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  • Fused glass golden yellow dichroic bowl

    Dichroic Fused Glass Bowl Golden Yellow 021

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  • Square blue dichroic decorated fused glass dish silver 12cmd

    Blue Glass Fused Square Dish Silver Dichroic Decoration

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  • rainbow patchwork fused dichroic glass dish 12cm st

    Rainbow Patchwork Dichroic Glass Square Dish Fused

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  • red earring fish fused heart glass

    Ring Earring Fused Glass Dish Red Heart

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