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Chrysalis Art to Wear

Chrysalis Art to Wear

Hi, I am Chrissie Menzies, a Textile & Felt Artist working from my studio, Chrysalis Art to Wear, in the beautiful hills of Mid Wales.

I work by hand using traditional wet felting techniques to create my range of felted Handbags & Rucksacks, combining co-ordinating fabrics with the handmade felt for the Rucksacks to produce an original product.  The felting process takes time and physical work to produce a high quality item.  For my collection of Nuno Felted Wraps I combine fabric and wool fibres to produce a beautiful elegant accessory with a lovely drape.  Nuno felting is also a traditional wet felting technique and involves a lot of hand work to produce a lovely fine wool edging.

The Luxury Pin Cushions are a collaboration between myself and a local wood turner who makes the bases for me.  I needle felt wool fibres to make the inner cushion and then, using wet felting techniques, I make the decorative felt piece to cover it.  This I sew into place over the needle felted inner and glue the completed cushion into the wooden base. 

In my felt work I also produce occasional Art Collars.  These are made using the traditional wet felting techniques but have lots of plastic resists sewn in at the pre felt stage of processing.  The whole piece is then wetted down and worked carefully for many hours by hand to ensure the fibres felt and shrink properly so that the shapes are permanently made.  Eventually the resists are removed and more work by hand is done until the piece is finished.

I also use Eco Printing techniques to produce a range of Scarves, Lampshades and other small sundries such as Needlecases & Notebooks.  For these I use leaves & flowers from my garden & the surrounding area, and through the eco printing process the colours & shapes of the leaves & flowers are imprinted into the fabric, creating a unique, natural design.

I love working with colour & find plenty of inspiration in my garden and the Welsh countryside.  The natural world is an amazing place, you can never be lost for inspiration when you look around.  I also love hand stitching & the eco printed shapes lend themselves beautifully for hand stitching.

Natural materials are used throughout my work & the processes I use are sustainable & ethical.

If you hate fast fashion like I do & would like something special that will last & has been made sustainably from natural materials, then look no further.

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