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Baobab Tree Mosaics

Baobab Tree Mosaics

Hi, I am Yvette Green and I live in Cirencester in the lovely Cotswolds. I make a range of stained glass mosaics, all inspired by nature, and designed to look totally gorgeous in your home or garden.

The garden mosaics range from a large collection of little garden birds on stalks, to flowers and simply decorative sun catchers. The mosaics are transparent, so create a stained glass effect in your garden. As a result, they change wonderfully throughout the day as the light moves. It always gives me a thrill to hold a new creation up to the light and watch it sparkle. They are all fully weatherproof in the UK climate.

In addition, I make small framed mosaics for indoor use, both on glass and solid bases. I also make a small range of original mosaic pendants, using tiny ceramic tiles, glass, and metal beads.

I hope you enjoy browsing my shop.

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