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Arkane Jewellery

Arkane Jewellery

Hello! I’m Hazel Morris. I started Arkane Jewellery in 1989 after I had qualified at the Birmingham School of Jewellery in Hockley, the centre of the jewellery trade. I  completed my course with a study into Anglo-Saxon metalwork and design. It completely fascinated and inspired me,  combining my love of all things ancient with nature, art and practical skills. When I qualified, I was too full of my own ideas to work as a ‘jobber’ for another jeweller so with the help of a generous grant from The Princes Youth Business Trust, I set up on my own.

Originally I specialized in one off cast brooches, pins and buckles with only ever a very few pieces in stock! Now my range still includes these one-off casting but now covers a whole range of pendants, rings, earrings and cufflinks in cast and in sheet metals, and in a variety of metal, precious and non-precious.Most of my work picks out the amazing abstract animal, bird and fish forms.

Each piece continues to individually design and handcrafted and is still inspired by Anglo-Saxon design,(with a little Celtic, Viking, Scandinavian ….creeping in!) created with a contemporary feel. I can also work with your ideas for commissions.

I now live in the Cotswolds and have a workshop in Chalford where you can call in an say hello – when that’s allowed again!!



Shop owner Hazel Morris