Recovery and organisation April 2021

Messy workroom

I do like a Spring clean, I am quite a messy worker, I get carried away and there’s NO time to put things away as I go !! So after I finish a project I have a big clear out .
This clear out I concentrate on my fabrics, I have amassed a lot over the years, there are some fabrics that I have held onto for so long and still have not used, there will be ‘that’ perfect project for it, one day. 

I always feel so much better when the workroom is clean and tidy. I think it is a therapeutic way to clear my head before the next project.

There has not been much making done at the moment as I had Carpal Tunnel surgery done on my left wrist. The operation went well , its still a bit sore and nowhere near back to normal but definitely getting there. I think it is one of the  hazards of being a Sewist!

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