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Solid Silver & Solid Silver Gold Plated Oak Twig Bangle


Solid Silver Oak Twig Bangle beautifully details and sourced from local grounds. These bangles can also be gold plated to suit every budget.


A delicate, solid, sterling silver bracelet with unusual twig design cast from a real oak
tree branch. A beautiful gift for a friend .

A beautiful solid sterling silver twig bracelet cast from real oak tree branch, collected personally by Bella and made into a stunning silver bangle .

This beautiful twig bracelet is a perfect cast of a real oak tree branch hand selected by Bella on a walk in the woods at Cockington.

The solid silver twig bracelet weighs 35g for the large and 33g for the small so you can tell they have a lovely heft to them. Every detail of the oak tree branch has been captured in this silver twig bracelet and then carefully shaped into a stunning silver bangle , perfect for anyone who loves nature. The finish on the bracelet is beautiful with a soft sheen background and then burnished shiny extremities.

A perfect gift for a best friend .

The bangles can be made to any size, please let us know what size you require in the purchase notes.