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Solid Silver & Solid Silver Gold Plated Ash Twig Bangle


Our beautifully elegant ash twig bangle  solid silver and gold plated solid silver.

A lovely everyday piece.

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These are my beautiful new ash twig bangles cast in solid sterling silver and then they can be gold plated to suit very budget.

In English folklore the Ash is said to be protective and nurturing, the ash wood is dense and long lasting, great for fuel, and was the most common ‘Yule’ log. It’s Latin name is Fraxinus, which means firelight.

The Norse believed that the Ash tree was their ‘world tree’ or tree of life, that which nurtures everything and all things are ultimately created from.

I love the bone-like shape and elegance of these these new Ash bangles. They are so tactile and beautiful to feel.
These beautiful bangles are perfect as a gift for a best friend or loved one, or a personal gift for a man or woman. Pagan influences make a lovely personal piece full of meaning and inspiration.

These bangles can be made in any size, please let us know what size you require in the purchase notes.