Introduction and Sunny Days in Lockdown

I feel so lucky to have a creative business, and even luckier to have access to an outdoor space to work in during’ Lockdown’. Having spent most of my working life in the hospitality industry organising events things all changed when I had a family. An evening class led to a college course which in turn led to university where I studied Design and Ceramics. This was followed by several years working in local schools trying to convert everyone into clay lovers! Lockdown has put a stop to my classroom teaching at the moment and I  miss the  buzz I get  from  seeing the enjoyment working with clay brings to my students. It has however given me more time to focus on making. Making is a solitary activity so lockdown hasn’t been as tuff on me as it has been for the rest of the family, making isn’t the problem, it has however taken a while to get to this point, the point where I have the  confidence  to start selling my work here online. All of my work is made in my garden studio in Hampshire, and the fabulous weather we have had has made working outside a treat, no fumes, no dust just glorious rays of sunshine. Walking, open spaces and a love the sea have always been part of my life and have inspired  my ceramic work,  I long to get back to the coast and breath in the salty air. In all honesty I can not complain sitting outside glazing my pots on these glorious days has been a joy and I hope that maybe lockdown has given others the time  to reconnect with a creative skill, enjoy the weather and maybe find the confidence to head in a new direction in life. Live, love and create.

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5 out of 5

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