Intro – Chris’s Fork Emporium background.

Chris’s Fork Emporium A bit of background. We live and work in Stamford, Lincs. Sarah is the Creative Designer & registered owner and deserves credit for the stuff you see. The website is full of info about what we do, events, shops etc. I’m engineering, transport, accounts, gazebo erecting and until recently IT, why you see my name, cos’ I’m the loud one, or was. We started small and it grew over the last 4 years. Sarah was able to stop work (PAYE) and we’ve been doing fairs and events at an increasing rate – over 30 last year, and had up to seven shop outlets, some of which fell by the wayside.
This year you know what has interfered with everybody’s plans, hence TBCH etc and more IT & social media which Sarah is now interested in..
My other input is hooks and hangers (Sarah’s idea) because I’m the bloke with all the blokey electric and woodwork tools. Sarah once asked me why I needed five hammers. Between us now it’s fourteen not including my sledgehammer and the one for knocking in gazebo pegs . A brief history here and
Hope to see you all face to face when all this settles down.

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5 out of 5

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  1. Great first blog! Nice to find out some more about you! Looking forward to your next blog!

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