Inspirational female founders from across the UK gathered at the event to champion entrepreneurship.

9 MARCH 2022: SUSAN BONNAR owner/ founder of The British Craft House attended a
special International Women’s Day reception at the House of Lords on Monday, which
recognised their strong contribution to entrepreneurship.
The event spotlighted over 100 impressive, multi-achieving female business owners being
championed by Small Business Britain’s ƒ:Entrepreneur #ialso100 campaign, which
showcases the phenomenal contribution to society, economy and communities that many
female founders are making across the country.
SUSAN BONNAR was named an ƒ:Entrepreneur #ialso100 in 2021, in recognition of her
inspiring entrepreneurial journey, which has involved running a business alongside a roster
of other responsibilities. Whilst juggling a busy homelife she set up and runs the Solent
Crafters Network to allow local creatives to meet up for coffee and cake and she also likes to
run marathons for fun, to date she has raised over £6000 for charity.
SUSAN BONNAR enjoyed afternoon tea and networking in Westminster, meeting peers from
ƒ:Entrepreneur #ialso cohorts from both 2021 and 2022, as well as special guest speaker
Labour MP Dr Rosena Allin-Khan, who paid tribute to the power of female
SUSAN BONNAR said, “I was thrilled to be included in this list of inspirational females and
the opportunity to meet them in the House of Lords was incredible. After so many online
meet ups over the last 2 years it was terrific to be able to meet and network in person.”
Delivered by Small Business Britain – the leading champion of small businesses in the UK –
f:Entrepreneur campaign was launched in 2017 to highlight the stories of amazing female
business owners and help provide inspiration and role models across the wider small
business community. Now in its fifth year, the campaign offers a host of events, training and
networking opportunities to boost skills, capability and confidence.
This comes on the back of new research carried out by the campaign this month which
found that following the pandemic, nearly a fifth (17%) of women are considering
entrepreneurship, with 44% of them citing pursuing a passion as a key motivator, alongside
46% wanting greater flexibility.
‘Being in room full of such impressive female founders such as Susan Bonnar was really
uplifting, especially after a tough couple of years for entrepreneurs’, said Michelle Ovens
CBE, Founder of Small Business Britain and the ƒ:Entrepreneur campaign.
‘To hear all the incredible things that these women do and the impact they are making, not
just in their businesses but in their wider communities, is truly inspiring, and underlines that

we must do everything we can to support them. This profound desire among women to
create opportunity out of their passions, to build businesses with mission and purpose at
their hearts, and to drive forward success, despite everything thrown at them during this
pandemic, is amazingly powerful. We must nurture female entrepreneurship so it continues
to flourish in the UK and plays a key role in recovery.’
To see the full line-up of the 100 amazing women featured in this year’s f:entrepreneur
#ialso100 campaign visit https://f-entrepreneur.com/ialso-100-2022/
For last year’s list visit https://f-entrepreneur.com/ialso-100-2021/

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