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Copper Handmade Recycled MetalGardenPlanter

I am a pretty fabulous Fiona, I don’t feel it in the slightest as sometimes do see the green ogre from Shrek putting in an appearance especially since I coloured my once grey hair to a bright purple / red haze. After reading some feedback and glowing another shade of red whilst blushing I wanted to give a shout out to another Fiona, a fabulous customer, and proud owner of 3 solid copper recycled, repurposed, handmade planters …. 

“Testament to how delighted I am with this oh so beautiful copper planters is the fact that this is the third I’ve bought. I couldn’t be happier with the quality materials, workmanship and appearance of the planter and the service provided by this top quality seller. I’ve no hesitation in recommending. “

“I can honestly say that this item exceeded all expectations. The copper planter is simply designed and very well made, which allows the exceptionally beautiful copper to sing. Lovely heavy gauge metal makes for a strong and sturdy planter with a pleasing weight to it. I was so delighted with it on arrival that day that I promptly ordered another the same day…I adore them to the degree I am contemplating another. At the moment the planters have their deep copper glow and high shine which is truly beautiful. I’m looking forward to watching its gorgeous patina develop over time. Communication with the seller was exceptionally good, and the item came with full and clear instructions on how to care for the planter. It arrived in perfect condition in recycled packaging. All in all I’m a very happy customer indeed. 

Thank you Fiona, from the bottom of my swamp, your kind words really mean the world to me, and for anyone out there reading this, if you have something nice to say please just spare a few minutes to share it, trust me, it means so much. 

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