Ingsu jewellery
Ingsu jewellery

Ingsu jewellery

  • Bristol, Bristol, United Kingdom (UK)
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My name is Ingrid, I’m the owner of the little workshop at the heart of Bristol, named Ingsu jewellery. I make each piece myself, by hand. I’m passionate about creating quality, handcrafted jewellery with attention to detail. My jewellery is made from recycled or ethically sourced metals and materials, as well as using recycled packaging. All pieces are crafted based on traditional silversmithing techniques, handmade from start to finish. I create one of a kind jewellery pieces that is made in small quantities entirely by hand meticulously designed,crafted and made with upmost care. Ingsu jewellery pieces are inspired by nature, elegant but simple enough to be worn everyday. I hope my jewellery will bring joy to whoever may wear it.

With love

Ingrid x

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