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Hello there.  I’m Carole and make beautiful things out of stained glass for your home and garden – suncatchers, candle holders, garden hangers…..

Welcome to Carole’s Glass where you will find unique stained glass gifts which have been made with care and finished to a high standard.

I got stated in stained glass as we had a local shop selling beautiful stained glass gifts and I was bought them for birthdays, Mother’s Day – anytime really.  Then for a significant birthday I was bought a course….and that is how I got hooked.

I have tried lots of crafts over the years, cake decorating, glass painting, silk painting but really loved making things from glass so had to find an outlet to sell them and that’s how I started. I have been making things out of glass for the last 20 years and the list of what I make has got ever longer.

Our conservatory has been taken over by my glass and is ideal for using as my workshop – although I’m not sure my husband would agree.

Every suncatcher is hand made from beautiful stained glass with some wonderful textures which has been copper foiled and then soldered together before cleaning and polishing. I’m sure you’ll be able to find something you like – take a look and see.

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