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Long Narrow, Window Box Style Handmade Mill Finish lightweight Aluminium Metal Planter, with rubber trim.


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Vendor: Fiona
Fab Linc Ltd, Unit 1, Site 4
Alma Park Road
NG31 9SE
07837 355170

Length 950mm / 95cm
Height 120mm / 12cm
Depth 120mm / 12cm

* Materials used are Repurposed Roofing Materials, coated Steel
* Handmade Item made to order
* Strong, durable, heavy duty item
* Built in Drainage
* Handcrafted in Lincolnshire
* Perfect for a Balcony, Fence, Patio, Decking, Hot tub surround, Driveway edging, Garden edging, greenhouses, Window Ledges, Kitchen Garden, Urban Gardening, City Gardening

The planters are fantastic on your window, rooftop, patio, drive, balcony, anywhere you need a splash of colour! No need to spend hours weeding, turning soil or digging.

These hard wearing, recycled, repurposed roofing sheets have become unique handmade metal planters add that splash of colour.

The material is 0.7mm gauge, mill finish aluminium, it is easy scratched, very lightweight, unlikely to ever rust given its aluminium:)

Aluminium will be scratched as the metal is very soft, and the shine can make this obvious, however this is the nature of using recycled, repurposed material.
Any marks from the mill will of course make your planter unique, and a one off.

Minky make a great soft cloth which I use to polish the aluminium to a high shine, a drop of baby oil really works wonders as does WD40

This planter has the option to add a detachable black rubber safety edge on the top rim, the rubber trim is purely decorative, it is loose fitting so if you wish to secure it a dab of glue works well, or alternatively if used outdoors the sun will over time meld the rubber to the metal.
The back and base of the planter are hand riveted in place with matching rivets. I do my utmost to file all sharp edges but please do take care if purchasing without the rubber trim.

They are strong and sturdy, with built in drainage, as the bottom is “loose” on 3 edges to allow free flowing drainage to virtually all edges. (The longer planters to aid stability I may add a couple of rivets in the base)

Additional holes can drilled by using a household drill, I do suggest that you file the sharp edges and then a dab of clear glue / nail varnish or paint just to protect the newly exposed metal from any water draining through.

Another way to extend the life of the planter I recommend is to line it prior to planting. If you chose to line in a pond liner is fabulous for the job, but tin foil / gro-bags / bathroom sealant and other similar products work just as well.

Gardeners grit, a layer of leaves, moss anything to add texture and nutrients are great as a base layer before the soil, then add plants and layer up again with soil, leaves, moss and watch your mini garden thrive.

All of the planters are handmade, in Grantham Lincolnshire using prime industrial roofing materials, many are made from material which would of otherwise been destined for the scrap metal bin, this does mean the the finished item may have the odd scratch or dent but nothing detrimental to its planter use, these off cuts are from the roofing sheets, and cladding materials which we supply to both the general public and the industrial roofing trade.

Shipping Countries: United Kingdom (UK)

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Shipping Policy

ParcelForce is my main provider for UK shipping I will provide a tracking number, I do try to use recycled cardboard boxes where possible to minimise the impact on the environment.


Refund Policy

All of my items are handmade to order, so if there is a issue with your order please contact me in the first instance so that we may discuss a solution.