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Handmade Cold Process Mini Soap Gift Box x6


Beautiful selection of 6 handmade cold process Mini Soap Gift Box.  Made with beautiful essential oils and Belgian Chocolate, spices such as Cinnamon, Cloves and Star Anise.  These are high quality soaps wrapped in stunning seed paper that you can soak, cut and plant when the weather warms up.

These are all handmade soaps and are made using the traditional cold process method.  Soaps have been fully cured for 8 weeks resulting in a beautiful creamy soap with a good lather and fragrance. Mini soaps weigh between 30-50g each, designs may vary.

5 in stock (can be backordered)

Buddha & Bubbles

Vendor: BuddhaBubbles
Southend on Sea, Essex

Introducing our exquisite Gift Box of six artisanal cold process small soap bars, a delightful Christmas present that embodies the essence of luxury, care, and indulgence. Crafted with devotion and enriched with the goodness of unrefined, raw, and cold-pressed oils and butters, these soap bars are a celebration of skin-loving ingredients that bring joy to the senses and nurture the skin.

Each soap bar is a masterpiece, meticulously handmade to ensure the highest quality and attention to detail. The cold process method preserves the integrity of the ingredients, resulting in soap that retains the natural benefits of the oils and butters used. This process yields a creamy, luscious lather that gently cleanses and pampers the skin, turning your daily cleansing ritual into a moment of opulent self-care.

Infused with unrefined, raw, and cold-pressed oils and butters, these soap bars are a testament to the power of nature’s finest offerings. These skin-loving ingredients ensure that your skin receives the nourishment it deserves, leaving it feeling moisturized, soft, and radiant.

The highlight of this gift box is our beautiful Cacao soaps, boasting an impressive 90% cacao content. Indulge in the luxurious experience of bathing with cacao-infused soap, where the deep, rich aroma of cacao envelops you, creating a sensory journey that’s reminiscent of a chocolate paradise. Beyond the indulgent scent, the cacao’s natural antioxidants provide additional benefits, promoting healthy-looking skin and a sense of well-being.

Presented in an elegantly designed gift box, this collection of soap bars is a true delight for the eyes and the senses. Each bar is carefully nestled within the box, creating an exquisite visual presentation that radiates thoughtfulness and luxury. The gift box itself serves as a testament to the care put into curating this experience, making it a perfect Christmas present that exudes warmth and joy.

As you open the gift box, you’re greeted by an array of small soap bars, each uniquely crafted with love and expertise. From the indulgent Cacao soaps to other beautiful spices and captivating scents, this collection offers a diverse range of fragrances that evoke the spirit of the season and ensure a sensorial journey that delights and uplifts.

Give the gift of self-care and indulgence this Christmas with our Gift Box of six handmade cold process small soap bars. These skin-loving creations, enriched with unrefined, raw, and cold-pressed oils and butters, invite you to immerse yourself in a luxurious bath or shower experience that embodies the essence of the holiday season.

Beautiful selection of six handmade soaps beautifully presented in a Cardboard Gift Box with cute red bow.  Your box will contain:-

  • Xmas Wreath High Top Mini Soap
  • Cacao with Peppermint Essential Oils
  • Sandalwood & Myrrh with Annatto Seeds
  • Cinnamon Spice with Cinnamon, Nutmeg & Bay Leaves with Sweet Orange Essential Oil
  • Citrus Cacao
  • Mulled Wine with Cinnamon, Cloves, Bay Leaf, Lemon & Sweet Orange Essential Oils

Each soap will weigh between 30-60g.  The high top soaps will weigh more as they are hand piped. The seed paper should be soaked for a few minutes, torn and planted under a light sprinkle of seed paper.

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