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Dog personalised hanging ornament


Personalised dog ornament laser cut from oak veneer & birch plywood.

Includes  2 layers the front layer cut from birch ply & the back layer of trees cut from oak veneer

Click the Details / description tab below for the full list of dogs  there are 216 plus options for service dogs , search & rescue , rescue dogs etc the photos show only a small sample of what’s available

Comes with a choice of tartan ribbon or bakers twine & wood bead  for hanging
Maximum width: 9.5 centimetres Height: 9 centimetres

Can be personalised with one name engraved please make sure to enter in the box below along with the dog breed if you’d like a name added

I’m unfortunately unable to alter the spellings or wordings around the outside ring but I can engrave any name on the dog shape

If you’d like an example of how your dog breed looks & it’s not in the photos then please message me.

The  photos illustrate what your ornament will look like these include a solid third back layer which I don’t include your ornament will look like my first 2 photos & have 2 layers

Availability: 49 in stock (can be backordered)

Sixpenny Studio

Vendor: Sue Howat
South Logan Farm
Ka5 6NH

1. Afghan Hound
2. Airedale Terrier
3. Akita
4. Alaskan Klee Kai
5. Alaskan Malamute
6. American Bulldog (also see: Bulldog)
7. American Bully (also see: Bully)
8. American Eskimo
9. American Staffordshire Terrier (also see: AmStaff, Staffie)
10. AmStaff (also see: American Staffordshire Terrier, Staffie)
11. Anatolian Shepherd Dog
12. Arubian Cunucu
13. Aussie (also see: Australian Shepherd, Mini Australian Shepherd)
14. Aussiedoodle
15. Aussiepoo
16. Australian Cattle Dog
17. Australian Kelpie
18. Australian Shepherd (also see: Aussie, Mini Australian Shepherd)
19. Basenji
20. Basset Hound
21. Bavarian Mountain Hound
22. Beagle
23. Bearded Collie
24. Belgian Malinois (also see: Malinois)
25. Belgian Shepherd
26. Bernedoodle
27. Bernese Mountain Dog (also see: Bernie)
28. Bernie (also see: Bernese Mountain Dog)
29. Bichon Frise
30. Black and Tan Coonhound (also see: Coon Hound)
31. Bloodhound
32. Bordeaux
33. Border Collie
34. Border Terrier
35. Boston Terrier
36. Bouvier des Flandres
37. Boxer
38. Boxer – Cropped Ears Docked Tail
39. Boxer – Docked Tail
40. Boykin Spaniel
41. Bracco Italiano
42. Braque d’Auvergne
43. Briard
44. Brittany (also see: Brittany Spaniel)
45. Brittany Spaniel (also see: Brittany)
46. Brussels Griffon
47. Bull Terrier
48. Bulldog (also see: American Bulldog)
49. Bullmastiff (also see: Mastiff, Italian Mastiff)
50. Bully (also see: American Bully
51. Cairn Terrier
52. Cane Corso
53. Cardigan Welsh Corgi (also see: Corgi, Welsh Corgi)
54. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
55. Cavapoo
56. Cavapoochon
57. Chesador
58. Chesapeake Bay Retriever (also see: Chessie)
59. Chessie (also see: Chesapeake Bay Retriever)
60. Chihuahua – Long Haired
61. Chihuahua – Short Haired
62. Chinese Crested Dog
63. Chinook
64. Chiweenie
65. Chow Chow
66. Cirneco dell’Etna
67. Cockapoo
68. Cocker Spaniel
69. Cocker Spaniel – Docked Tail
70. Collie (also see Border Collie, Rough Collie)
71. Collie Spaniel
72. Coon Hound (also see: Black and Tan Coonhound)
73. Corgi (also see: Cardigan Welsh Corgi, Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Welsh Corgi)
74. Corgi Terrier
75. Dachshund – Longhair (also see: Doxie – Longhair)
76. Dachshund – Shorthair (also see: Doxie – Shorthair)
77. Dalmation
78. Doberman Pinscher
79. Doberman Pinscher – Cropped Ears
80. Doxie – Longhair (also see: Dachshund – Longhair)
81. Doxie – Shorthair (also see: Dachshund – Shorthair)
82. Duck Tolling Retriever
83. English Bulldog – Version 1
84. English Bulldog – Version 2
85. English Lab
86. English Mastiff (also see: Italian Mastiff, Mastiff)
87. English Pointer
88. English Setter
89. English Shepherd
90. English Springer Spaniel (also see: Spaniel, Springer Spaniel)
91. English Toy Terrier
92. Eurasier
93. Fox Terrier
94. Foxhound
95. French Bulldog (also see: Frenchie)
96. Frenchie (Also see: French Bulldog)
97. Frenchton
98. German Shepherd (also see: German Shepherd Dog, GSD)
99. German Shepherd Dog (also see: German Shepherd, GSD)
100. German Shorthaired Pointer
101. Golden (also see: Golden Retriever – Version 1, 2)
102. Golden Retriever – Version 1 (also see: Golden)
103. Golden Retriever – Version 2 (also see: Golden)
104. Goldendoodle (also see: Miniature Goodledoodle)
105. Great Dane
106. Great Dane – Cropped Ears
107. Great Pyrenees
108. Greater Swiss Mountain Dog
109. Greyhound
110. GSD (also see: German Shepherd, German Shepherd Dog)
111. Havanese
112. Husky (also see: Siberian Husky)
113. Ibizan Hound
114. Irish Setter
115. Irish Terrier
116. Irish Wolfhound – Version 1
117. Irish Wolfhound – Version 2
118. Italian Mastiff (also see: Mastiff, Bullmastiff)
119. Jack Russell Terrier
120. Kangal Shepherd
121. Keeshound
122. Lab (also see: Labrador Retriever)
123. Labradoodle
124. Labrador Retriever (also see: Lab)
125. Leonberger
126. Lhasa Apso
127. Louisiana Catahoula Leopard
128. Malinois (also see: Belgian Malinois)
129. Maltese – Longhair
130. Maltese – Shorthair
131. Maltese Bichon
132. Maltipoo
133. Manchester Terrier
134. Manchester Terrier – Cropped Ears
135. Mastiff (also see: Bullmastiff, English Mastiff, Italian Mastiff)
136. Min Pin
137. Miniature American Shepherd
138. Miniature Australian Shepherd (also see: Aussie, Australian Shepherd)
139. Miniature Goldendoodle (also see: Goldendoodle)
140. Miniature Pinscher (also see: Min Pin)
141. Miniature Schnauzer
142. Miniature Schnauzer – Cropped Ears Docked Tail
143. Morkie
144. Newfie (also see: Newfoundland)
145. Newfoundland (also see: Newfie)
146. Newfypoo
147. Norwegian Elkhound
148. Old English Sheepdog
149. Olde English Bulldogge
150. Papillon
151. Pekingese
152. Pembroke Welsh Corgi
153. Pit Bull Terrier (also see: Pitbull)
154. Pitbull (also see: Pit Bull Terrier)
155. Pomeranian
156. Poodle (also see: Standard Poodle)
157. Portuguese Water Dog
158. Pudelpointer
159. Pug
160. Pugapoo
161. Puggle
162. Pyrenean Shepherd
163. Rat Terrier
164. Rhodesian Ridgeback (also see: Rhodie)
165. Rhodie (also see: Rhodesian Ridgeback)
166. Rottie (also see: Rottweiler)
167. Rottweiler (also see: Rottie)
168. Rottweiler – with docked tail (also see: Rottie)
169. Rough Collie (also see: Collie)
170. Russian Terrier
171. Saint Bernard
172. Saluki
173. Samoyed
174. Sato
175. Schnauzer (also see: Miniature Schnauzer)
176. Schnauzer – Cropped Ears Docked Tail
177. Schnauzer – Cropped Tail
178. Schnoodle
179. Scottie (also see: Scottish Terrier)
180. Scottish Terrier (also see: Scottie)
181. Shar Pei
182. Sheepadoodle
183. Sheltie (also see: Shetland Sheepdog)
184. Shichon
185. Shetland Sheepdog (also see: Sheltie)
186. Shiba Inu
187. Shih Tzu
188. Shih-Poo
189. Shorkie
190. Siberian Husky (also see: Husky)
191. Silky Terrier
192. Silky Terrier – Docked Tail
193. Spaniel (also see: English Spaniel, Springer Spaniel)
194. Spanish Galgo
195. Spinone Italiano
196. Springer Spaniel (also see: English Springer Spaniel, Spaniel)
197. Sprollie
198. Staffie (also see: AmStaff, American Staffordshire Terrier)
199. Standard Poodle – Version 1 (also see: Poodle)
200. Standard Poodle – Version 2 (also see: Poodle)
201. Terrier
202. Toy Poodle
203. Vizsla
204. Weimaraner
205. Weimaraner – Docked Tail
206. Welsh Corgi (also see: Corgi, Cardigan Welsh Corgi, Pembroke Welsh Corgi)
207. Welsh Springer Spaniel
208. West Highland Terrier (also see: Westie)
209. Westie (also see: West Highland Terrier)
210. Wheaten Terrier
211. Whippet
212. Whoodle
213. Wirehaired Pointing Griffon
214. Yorkie (also see: Yorkshire Terrier)
215. Yorkie Poo
216. Yorkshire Terrier (also see: Yorkie)

223. Mutt
224. Puppy 1
225. Puppy 2
226. Puppy 3

227. Foster Dog
228. Hunting Dog
229. K-9
230. Military Dog – Version 1
231. Military Dog – Version 2
232. Police Dog
233. Rescue
234. Rescue dog
235. Search and Rescue Dog – Version 1
236. Search and Rescue Dog – Version 2
237. Service Dog – Version 1
238. Service Dog – Version 2
239. Shelter
240. Shelter Dog
241. Therapy Dog – Version 1
242. Therapy Dog – Version 2
243. Tripod Dog – Version 1
244. Tripod Dog – Version 2
245. Tripod Dog – Version 3
246. Tripod Dog – Version 4
247. Tripod Dog – Version 5
248. Wheelie Dog – Version 1
249. Wheelie Dog – Version 2
250. Wheelie Dog – Version 3

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