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Bee Mine – hanging decoration


Who says that bees are black and yellow?
This hanging decoration is made using non-tarnish copper wire, formed by hand into a heart shape.  The heart has been lightly hammered to give a little texture.

Two glass crystal beads feature in the bee that hangs from the bottom of the heart.  

Hang it in a window and wait for the sunlight to catch the crystals! 

Measures approx 14.5cm from top to bottom.  Hangs from clear thread at the top.

Indoor display only.

****Made to order****

Available on back-order



Vendor: Dangles

Bee Mine, Bee Marvellous, Bee Unique…..

Copper wire with glass crystal beads.  When hung in a window, the sun will reflect off the glass crystal beads and create light spots in the window.

The copper wire has a non-tarnish coating, however over time, the colour of the wire will darken, especially from exposure to sunlight. 
The heart has been lightly hammered, which gives a little texture to the piece.

From top to bottom the piece measures approx 14.5cm

For indoor display only.

****Made to Order****