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40cm Long Sargasso Blue Window Box Style Handmade Metal Planter, with Rubber trim on top edge


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Vendor: Fiona
Fab Linc Ltd, Unit 1, Site 4
Alma Park Road
NG31 9SE

The planters are fantastic on your window, rooftop, patio, drive, balcony, anywhere you need a splash of colour!

These hard wearing, recycled, repurposed roofing sheets have become unique handmade metal planters add that splash of colour, and of course I don’t sell to garden centres, I make the majority to order, so these aren’t mass produced you can be assured that not everyone in your neighbourhood will own them as well!

The material is 0.7mm gauge, high quality roofing material (usually seen on industrial roofs & cladded side walls) it is a plastisol coated highly durable leather grain effect finish.

This planter has a black rubber safety edge on the top rim, which is easily removed once in situ if you prefer, but I include as the edges can be sharp.
I hand rivet the rear seams in place with matching rivets (if available otherwise plain uncoated ones are used) .
They are are of a sturdy construction, being all coated steel however NOT waterproof.
I would recommend you line the inside with a pond liner or even just some household tin foil prior to planting.

Size – Rectangular (ish – remember this is handmade not machine mass produced)

10cm (100mm) High

40cm (400mm) Long

10cm (100mm) Deep

If you are UK, but Offshore and would like to order a planter, please message me prior to buying as the postage is much higher than UK Mainland, I am not able to absorb it I won’t ever over charge, but I would appreciate a small contribution.

All of the planters are handmade, in Grantham Lincolnshire using prime industrial roofing materials, many are made from material which would of otherwise been destined for the scrap metal bin, this does mean the the finished item may have the odd scratch or dent but nothing detrimental to its planter use, these off cuts are from the roofing sheets, and cladding materials which we supply to both the general public and the industrial roofing trade.

Items made from metal which otherwise would of been scrapped are photographed, and available for immediate despatch, the prices also reflect the reduced cost of the raw material.
I make this point, because I am more than happy to accept custom requests for bespoke sizes and colours, but it must be understood that I may have to use prime material (not off cuts) which will impact the cost of the item.

Shipping Countries: United Kingdom (UK)

Ready to ship in 1-2 weeks


Shipping Policy

ParcelForce is my main provider for UK shipping I will provide a tracking number, I do try to use recycled cardboard boxes where possible to minimise the impact on the environment.


Refund Policy

All of my items are handmade to order, therefore returns or exchanges can be for faulty items only, so if you have an a issue with your order please contact me in the first instance so that we may discuss a solution.