Winning a Small Business Sunday Award from Theo Paphitis – My Story

SBS Winner MedalI was aware of Theo’s small business awards on Twitter from my colleagues at The British Craft House. I saw how it transformed the reach of sole trader maker businesses like mine but it always felt like something that was out of my reach. Twitter is fast paced and not the natural habitat for products like my handwoven home decor. Instagram felt much more achievable so I set myself the challenge to see if I could become a winner by the end of the year.  
Handwoven Organic Cotton
Handwoven Organic Cotton
Every single week I prepared a post. Either on my own grid where I could use photos to illustrate my entry or directly in response to Theo’s post. It is only open on Sunday between 5pm and 7.30pm so I set the alarm on my phone (that’s another story and it wasn’t easy 🤣)  to make sure I didn’t miss a single week. I tried many different angles to draw attention to my business. I’m an older person starting a business in an area with few jobs prospects apart from low paid tourism work. He didn’t fall for that.  I did a video of me weaving at the loom but that didn’t cut the mustard. Week after week I became more inventive until I finally found my own voice. I’m passionate about textiles and weaving in particular. I relish the skill involved. I feel completely connected to all those weavers from our joint past that created the cloth we wear and use in our daily lives. The talented silk weavers from the Continent and the huge heritage in wool and cotton from the mills of Great Britain. I’m dedicated to bringing an ancient craft back into our contemporary homes. I might be a small woman, with a small loom in a tiny hamlet in rural Cornwall but I have a big vision. So the long and the short of it is that I explained to Theo exactly that. He got it!  10 weeks into my epic journey he saw my light of enthusiasm burning through the hundreds of entries he has each week. The whirlwind that followed was quite something. He reposted my entry to his 500,000 plus followers to start with!  My messages of congratulations and enquires about my work are still snowballing a week later. I’m so grateful and appreciative of every single person who took the time to cheer me on.  Replying to everyone was quite a task but so heartwarming I’d do it all again in a heartbeat. Then came the opportunity to place my profile on the SBS winners website and include a gallery of my work.  I had press release to write and there was help available to get this done. I had a piece in the Falmouth Packet and Cornwall Life have contacted me for a feature. The boost from this award has been phenomenal for me and Godrevy Textiles. If you are thinking about having a go yourself I’d only encourage you. It took determination and persistence but if you are running your own business you will already have that in spades. Just do it and thank you Theo.

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