Wild Swimming and Sea Glass

Wild Swimming

If you can drag me out of my dungarees and the cabin, you’ll probably find me at the beach or in the sea.

I can actually feel the world just ebbing away as I float there looking out at nothing but the horizon, its peaceful, therapeutic and the calm is just overwhelming. I can honestly say I feel like a different person. 

Just seeing the sea and feeling the air has always made me feel like this but getting in is a whole different ball game. I’m not a strong swimmer by any stretch and quite often will just float like a whale or something…   🙂

So, Yep, I’m a beach girl, also collecting sea glass and treasures from the beach, Its up there with fabric and chocolate for me!

During the Summer months, I probably swim most days and enjoy cycling or walking to the beach but this year? Well I just missed it terribly through the Winter, maybe it was lockdown….I dunno but I do know that getting a wetsuit on is quite the challenge! So roll on Summer.

After our swim we warm up with hot chocolate and cheese n pickle sandwiches, its just the best.

Anyone else a wild swimming fan? Did you also start for the first time during Winter?

I’d love to her your stories too…..

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Much love and bless you for reading,

Jo x

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5 out of 5

2 thoughts on “Wild Swimming and Sea Glass

  1. this pic is so inspiring and looks so relaxing – lovely xx

    1. Aww Thanks Tracey…Yes I love it! Just come back actually with more sea glass in my pockets. My first outing of the year in my Birks too….even got my toes in the sand 🙂 xxx

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