Why Re-Energize You?

Caroline- the creator

Hey, thanks for checking out my blog post! I’m Caroline, creator of Re-Energize You! I thought I would use this post as an opportunity to expand on all things ENERGY:)

What is energy? Why do we need to re-Energize?

Essentially, we are all energy- from our thoughts to the sound of our heartbeat. The vibration or frequency omitted denotes how well we are feeling. Maintaining a higher frequency keeps your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual body on point in order to achieve ‘optimum wellness’.  

So how do we raise our vibration?

Meditation, creativity, exercise, eating healthily, drinking water, being around positive people and keeping a positive mental attitude can all help us stay in the ‘wellness zone’ and keep us ‘high’on life. 

Of course this is easy to say but sometimes hard to do. We fall off the wagon, we stop looking after ourselves or get annoyed and irritated by life which can bring us down till we are so low in energy that we may bring others down with us. At worst we get run down and may be prone to physical illness.

Re-Energizing is about taking responsibility for our own wellbeing. When we reawaken and become aware of who we are in order to recognize our true life’s purpose.

How can Energy Stones help me?

Energy Stones are essentially from nature, chosen, hand painted and attuned by me to flow Reiki- a Japanese healing art meaning Universal (Rei) Life Force Energy (Ki) With the intention of receiving Reiki, holding the stone or consciously placing it in your room, nightstand or mediation space, you are connecting to the intention in that stone from when it was attuned. 

During this connection, you may feel more relaxed, or more focused or energized- whatever you intended to receive from the Reiki. Personally, I like to hold at points throughout the day so I keep a stone in my purse particularly useful when navigating emotionally challenging 2020!

So energy stones act as an anchor: a mindful tool that brings you back to a state of awareness of who you are and why you are here and what is truly important in this present moment.

A powerfully positive pebble for our times that will re-energize you, keep your vibration high and promote your overall wellbeing- oh and they are very pretty too!

Love and positivity,

Caroline xoxo

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