Why I love painting our garden wildlife now more than ever.

Wildlife became an integral part of my day, in particular for homeschooling.  My 6-year-old had no interest in learning, but she did love the garden!

We created bird tallies, found new ways to coax birds into our garden.  We waited and watched the fox arrive as the sun began to set, we love our pair of magpies, so fiercely loyal and cleaver. The squirrel just makes us laugh, raiding the magpie’s nest and upsetting our chickens!

I think this in turn has made me and my family think more about climate change and our impact on the natural world. We have developed relationships with our garden visitors and we talk as a family about how we can be more sustainable. 

My art is a reflection of the love I have for my garden visitors and the memories I have been gifted.   Whether in a park, riverside or balcony, I think we can all agree that nature has provided us all with a cherished memory that we won’t forget.  Hopefully, my art helps keep that memory alive and brings a smile too!

Whilst lockdown was tough, I hope that we do not go straight back into our crazy world, and remember the joy our garden friends gave us. I for one will grab a cuppa and look out of my window. Just in case they happen to pop by and say hello.  

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