Why do people buy things?

Cornwall Coast

The other day I was out on my daily dog walk with the hairy Studio Assistant, Cooper. Our walk takes us past the local upholstery studio, Sit Collective. As we wandered by, I noticed a little chair sitting in the window, a tiny for sale sign pinned to its cushion. I stood there with Cooper gazing at the chair, “Look at that chair Coop, it’s gorgeous!” I think he agreed with me. He was probably thinking in his doggy head, yep, that looks just the right size for me to curl up in and sleep all day, perfect! Then we carried on our way.


The next day was pretty much the same, same dog, same dog walk and thankfully the same chair still sitting in the window at the upholstery studio. Again we stood and stared at the beautiful chair. Now, I don’t need this chair as I have enough chairs already, and I know my Boyfriend will say “where are you going to put that?” But it didn’t stop me thinking about it. Then we carried on our way.

The next day was different. I said to Coop “If that little chair is still in the window, I’m going to buy it.” He gave me a look to suggest he thought this was a fabulous idea! So we went nervously on our way. As we got to the upholstery studio, my heart did a tiny jump, and I think I might have done an internal fist pump as well! To my delight, the little chair was still there!!


Now as the title suggests ‘Why do we buy things?’ I wanted to buy this chair, not just because it was lovely, but because it created a feeling, an emotion, a connection, a memory. This lovingly reupholstered vintage chair, in its gorgeous greeny-blue Bute wool, reminded me of a memory, the spectacular turquoise ocean of the Cornish coastline.

The first time I saw the chair, it magically transported me to Cornwall and reminded me of all the fantastic Cornish holidays we have enjoyed there. I use the sights of Cornwall and other coastal areas as a massive part of my inspiration for my nautical range of handmade gifts. I can’t get enough of the seaside vibe.


Handmade gifts have charm and a twinkle about them, a story to tell, that’s why people love to buy them. Designs personally commissioned and made for a special someone, time spent looking for that perfect gift and the joy of finding it, that’s why people buy them. I never get tired of making my personalised wooden boats for my customers. The nautical designs continue to evoke happy memories of the seaside, and that’s why people love to buy them.

Turquoise Fishing Boat

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5 out of 5

8 thoughts on “Why do people buy things?

  1. Loved your analysis, in relation to happy thoughts, colours and places. I am sure every seller here on TBCH can relate to that, as will every buyer, even if they do not fully realise it the first time they see something.

  2. Lovely story, and I LOVE the chair!! And Coop of course x

    1. Thanks Amanda! Coop is the star of the story…closely followed by the chair.

  3. Great story & what a gorgeous chair!

  4. Fabulous story

  5. What a lovely blog Rachel. It was like reading a short story. Good photos too, not forgetting your border terrier, Coop, and the chair!!!!
    Thanks for that.

  6. What a lovely blog Rachel, thanks for taking me on the journey with you. Mel x

  7. A great little blog story – it certainly does set me thinking and you are absolutely right – special purchases should be evocative of pleasurable things / memories 🙂
    Kay x

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