Why buy Handmade?

There are so many reasons why buying something handmade is so much better than buying something massed produced.

If you are giving it as a gift it shows that you really cared to search for the perfect gift for that person.  When an artisan is creating something to put in their shop you get some of their passion, they add skill and some love to what they are making.  When you buy it and they are notified of the sale, they may well do a little dance to celebrate!

By supporting Handmade in Britain you are enabling small businesses to thrive, you are helping to fund ballet lessons for real children or maybe just for that cake to go with the coffee for a treat.

For people that are tricky to buy for or those that have everything, it is the perfect solution! Commission a mirror to fit in a particular space where you can have it made to fit, or maybe cushions made especially for you in a fabric and style you choose to complete your perfectly styled home. Or what about some personalised jewellery, a custom bag or an heirloom teddy.

The photo says it all though, when you buy Handmade you connect with the seller (plasters & all) and get a little bit of passion packaged in with your parcel.

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