Who is this Doppleganger?……..

Well I thought I’d better explain. You may possibly be thinking you have seen my shop owner profile pic before, somewhere else. I would just like to put your mind at rest. Whether you have had a G&T, a glass of wine, a cup of tea/coffee, a glass of water or anything else that may be quenching your palette at this moment, you are right as I am also the owner of Hare and Boathouse Creations

I used to sell my handpainted wooden slices alongside my handmade Harris Tweed bags, purses etc. but I felt that they didn’t really compliment each other in the same shop so I bit the bullet and I am so pleased that I was accepted and was able to open another one here! Fabulous!!! (or is it?) Absolutely but with a bit of doubt.

Time will tell if I have done the right thing, hopefully I have, but if nothing else, it has given me a new lease of energy to put my mind into something new and exciting. You see, I am a self taught artist and have always used painting and drawing as a ‘time out’ activity for over 40 yrs! (yes, I was very young when I started, honest!) Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love sewing but not being able to attend any fairs up to now this year has really taken it’s toll on me. Working alone from home, I really miss not being able to chat to people face to face and for them to actually see and feel the quality of the items I make before purchasing, this makes a big difference compared to selling online and is probably why Fairs are more successful for me with my sewing. My artwork has obviously become my ‘comfort blanket’ over the last few months of this awful situation we are all in.

I do love drawing and painting and I feel it gives me the opportunity and freedom to do exactly what I feel like doing, when I want and with no rules or measurements to abide by like sewing. My pencils, brushes, paints and mind guide me and I love that!!!! I don’t think myself as having a  particular style, I just paint or draw but I must admit, I do love detail!                                     I’ve always had doubts selling though….. Self taught? Am I good enough? Is it a Hobby or could it be a business? I have been told many times I should sell so I am giving it a go!!!! If you don’t try, you will never know! Maybe you can help me to decide?

That’s all for now, just a little insight for you xxx  I will come back again soon show you my special little ‘artist’ desk in my ‘cozy corner’ where I relax.

Chat again soon. Much Love. Julie xxxx


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7 thoughts on “Who is this Doppleganger?……..

  1. Looking forward to seeing more of your artwork! Good luck with your new shop!

    1. Thank you xxx

  2. Good luck with the new shop 🙂

  3. I really enjoyed reading this Julie. We are all guilty of imposter syndrome as self-taught artists at times. I think you are making a great move for your business and I can’t wait to see where this path takes you.

  4. Good luck with the new shop Julie!

  5. Good luck with the new shop….I miss fairs too, I think people like to touch fabric whatever it is, I’m the same I would rather feel the fabric I’m buying….
    strange year we’re having!

  6. Thank you everyone xxx
    I am doing a lot better than I first thought I would as art is a very personal thing to people so it has proved to be the right move to do! Onwards and upwards!!

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