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Colour is so important to me.  I see colour in every aspect of my life, from the rolling waves to the tall chimneys of the Cornish engine houses.  Fabric is also up there in my top 10 things to surround myself.  Preferably rich, luxurious embroidered fabric, and I do love a colourful tapestry.

I search them out in every way I can, sometimes to up-cycle an impressive frock coat, or simply use a remnant that didn’t make it to a chaise longue.  These thick upholstery fabrics give my bags some stability and a luxurious quality.  Of course, all of this means that each and every one is different.

I am lucky to live in a beautiful part of Cornwall in the back of beyond.  It is peaceful, it is quiet and every time I look out of my window, I am inspired by the back drop of the Cornish countryside.

I have now sold over 1000 bags world wide of all shapes and colours.  Starting off  three years ago with some very simple designs which have been tweaked and developed into a variety of handbag options.  Each handmade bag takes me around 3 hours to construct, I add interfacing, reinforce the strap stitching and add pockets, so its durable, strong and functional.

I hope you enjoy my emporium of bags, I certainly love to make them.


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