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Hello and thank you for visiting my blog; the first one I have ever written. My name is Jane Weaver. I am Essex girl by birth but now I live in beautiful West Yorkshire on the edge of the Peak District. I have been making jewellery for around 17 years.  It started as a hobby, and still is, to a certain extent. I began with simple bead stringing, which I still do sometimes (although I don’t sell strung jewellery in The British Craft House). But I soon progressed to other genres of jewellery making, including beadweaving, which is the process used to make all the jewellery I sell here. It has become something of an obsession. I was taught embroidery as a young child as several of my elderly relatives were keen embroideresses and beadweaving is not dissimilar in that the beads are sewn together to make a pattern. I market my beaded jewellery under the name ‘Beadseedz’. Another time I’ll explain where the name came from and also tell you a little more about beadweaving techniques and processes. If you think you might enjoy beadweaving too then watch this space as I’ll let you into a few beady secrets along the way.

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  1. Lovely to meet you Jane! Loved reading about how you came to be a jewellery maker. I really admire your work and amazes me how intricate it is with the tiny beads – I didn’t realise it was a process of sewing. Look forward to learning more about your techniques. Mel xx

    1. Thank you Mel. Is it really a month since I posted that. I will try to do an update this week. Jane : )

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