This here is a Daffodil….


Inspired by my Welsh heritage and the national flower emblem I have wanted to create a daffodil in metal for a while, but never found the time. Taking advantage of the lockdown and a few days off from my busy day job in the NHS I found myself drawn to creating a daffodil so I rolled up my sleeves, put on my apron, got my sharpie, some metal and tools out and got to work.

When I started out on this project I had a picture in my head of what I wanted my daffodil to look like, this included working out how to turn a flat piece of metal into a 3D flower.  I began with some 0.5mm brass sheet and drew the outline of the flower using a felt pen, (well I drew several actually just in case I melted the first one or three!).

I cut these shapes out and gave them some texture with a hammer and then shaped the petals.  For the flower trumpet I cut simple circles from the brass sheet then used my doming block and tools to shape the disc into a small cup and then ruffled the edges.  The flower centre was created from tiny sterling silver balls formed from molten silver (this is my favorite pass time when I’m not making, melting tiny bits of silver into balls, it’s very therapeutic!), which I soldered in place to create the stamen.  The final piece for the flower was the stem and a leaf.  I formed these by hand from sterling silver, hammering, filing and shaping, then soldered all of the brass and silver pieces together, adding a silver pin to the back.

The last bit is the most time consuming of all, requiring a lot of elbow grease and polish to make the brass and silver gleam.

I loved making this and have plans now to make more flowers, I definitely want to make a bluebell and a freesia my favourite flowers of all time, then maybe a snowdrop, a crocus oh and a pansy, I could go on and on as there are so many beautiful flowers lol! I hope you enjoyed my little blog about making a daffodil and I would love to hear what your favourite flower is.

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3 thoughts on “This here is a Daffodil….

  1. loved reading about your design process from start to finish Max and love the finished piece. How amazing to take a sheet of flat brass and turn it into such a wonderful 3D piece to be cherished forever! While I’m here I want to thank you too for all you do in your day job for the NHS xx Mel xx

    1. Thank you so much Mel, that’s the thing I love most about being a metalsmith taking a blank sheet of metal and creating a piece of jewellery. I love my day job too 🙂 Max xx

  2. Absolutely fascinating to find out the process for creating such a beautiful piece, when you read something like this you suddenly realise just how much work goes into each piece……..can’t wait to see what other flowers you make……the fressia will be particulary interesting given how many flowers there can be on a stem…….fab work Max! xx

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