The Seaside One!

Baby Blanket Sea colours

This warp began as a self indulgent piece.  The colours I live with every day, seagreen, sandy brown, deep teal, turquoise, sky and silvery blues, seep deep into my subconscious.  I felt I should be working on autumn pieces and my Christmas collection but this one just wanted to be on the loom.

A dear friend asked for a baby blanket for her new grandson and there was the excuse I needed!  A child of this wild and beautiful place needed cloth to reflect his start in life. So I began planning. 

Playful tumbling blocks came to mind and a twill pattern of squares within squares seemed most apt.  I laid the warp out in wide bands of deep colours and alternated the weft between silver and pale blue with every repeat of the pattern.  It does play tricks with the eyes this one and if you stare long enough you will see diamonds too!

My friend is over the moon with the soft washable organic cotton blanket and I had plenty remaining to sew beautiful things.  My fabulous statement knot bags and cute plant pot holders in this seaside colourway are totally delightful.  My favourite however has to be these gorgeous trinket baskets.  Available in my The British Craft House shop.  I hope you enjoy them.

Trinket Dish Handwoven fabric
Handwoven Fabric Trinket Dish

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2 thoughts on “The Seaside One!

  1. What a lovely blog! How special to be commissioned to make a baby blanket! And I am absolutely in love with the covers of this fabric!

    1. Thank you so much for your enthusiasm 💚💙

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