The making and possible unmaking of an ethical business

As Covid 19 arrived it meant for myself and others looking and reassessing my business and its future. Red Hill Design was established in 2017 after studying 3D Design ceramics and Silversmithing at Staffordshire  University. During study I felt the push from the institution to follow an industry career and all that entailed. I saw previous graduates working with other companies have their design’s and work sent to China to be mass produced and I was saddened. I as a maker I love the process of making and creating. And to think of that process being sent out to another country where the health and safety of staff comes after profit wasn’t part of my ethics for my products.  How could I seek responsibility  for what I design if its making was causing harm to others if I was removed from the equation. So I sought to design, make and create a brand that could be the change I wanted to see.

This has remained true for the last three years of my business. I don’t seek to follow trends that will come and go. I dont want to make disposable fashion items. Neither do I want to have materials  that have a limited shelf life.. or pollute during their disposal. Precious metals do not do such a thing. They are 100% recycable which is why I continued  with silver over ceramics.

A few months into covid and I recieved a phone call asking how my business was doing from the Be inspired team who I recieved EU funding from to set up ny business. During the conversation the topic of diversification arrived and an example of another business who was making and selling badges via the post was described to me.  As I said I don’t follow trends and I could have dropped my tools, bought plastics and made quick and disposable rainbow items. I could have made hundreds and possibly sold hundreds, but that isn’t the plan. So I tick along selling handmade Silver jewellery, timeless in its design, But confidently knowing it isn’t costing the earth or others more than it should.

I may never get rich this way..I possibly won’t.. I’ll end up buying more tools. But at least I know who is making my jewellery where its life starts and where it ends. That maybe all I achive as a brand… but I am satisfied with that and being the change I want to see.

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  1. Really interesting blog – thank you for sharing!

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