Supporting Small Business Saturday

Small Business Saturday – Small Business, Big Difference.


Small Business Saturday is a grass-roots, non-political, non-commercial campaign that encourages people to support small businesses in their communities, both on the Saturday itself and beyond. The campaign also aims to support, inspire and promote small businesses all year round.


On Small Business Saturday, you can help to make a real difference by choosing to shop small, shop local and shop independent.

Supporting my small business 

For me it’s all about helping to fulfil the dream. When you buy from an independent maker, like me, it means that you recognise the dream that I have nurtured and the hours that I have spent exploring and experimenting with my craft. It means that you appreciate the skills that I have honed and the love that I have invested in the piece that you have chosen. It gives me a huge boost to know that someone else can see the value in my work, and in turn it gives me the confidence to continue to grow my small business. In return, I hope that you enjoy the piece that you have chosen, whether that is for yourself, or whether you take pleasure in the act of gifting it to someone else.


If you have bought something from me, thank you. 


There is no big budget marketing campaign, or team of employees helping to run my small business. It’s just me. I am a self-taught designer and creator, buyer, photographer, marketing manager, accountant, blogger, packer, delivery driver, sales manager and general spinner of plates!


I truly appreciate your support.


Why I’ll be Supporting Others


It’s so important to support independent businesses, artists and makers, and those businesses who try to support them. There is such a diverse wealth of talent in this country and we should be celebrating all that creativity. Supporting small business means supporting your community and the ripple effect which that can have in generating positivity, well-being and goodwill is so vital to the survival of, not just the businesses themselves, but their area as a whole. It’s self-fulfilling, if I buy from my local independents, they can buy from someone else. Maybe they open a shop on my local high street and that in turn encourages other new business and visitors to the area. Investing in my local independent artisans and producers means investing in my local community and that has to be good for everyone.


 Supporting each other in our handmade community, here at The British Craft House is something we are all really proud of.

Did you know that Susan Bonnar, founder of the platform, is one of the

Small Business Saturday UK Small Business Heroes!

 This year, I’m doing my bit for Small Business Saturday by supporting some of my favourite British Craft House fellow makers.

Godrevy Textiles


Sarah is a weaver/maker based on the beautiful Lizard Penninsula in Cornwall. We met for real whilst I was down on holiday this year! Sarah produces her own exquisite hand-woven cloth on her cottage loom, and the transforms it into wonderful home accessories and gifts.


RedheadWondering Hand Bound Boooks

Lizzie is a wonderful wordsmith and loves to encourage everyone to record their thoughts. She handmakes the most beautiful Coptic bound journals with incredible cyanotype designs, each inspired by nature. These books are perfect for journals or diaries, for sketchbooks and photograph albums, or for whatever you might want them to be.

Sally Thake Jewellery

Sally has the most nimble of fingers, creating the most intricate pieces of jewellery using a myriad of tiny seed beads and her work is influenced by the impact of the seasons on the surrounding countryside of the Cambridgeshire Fens.

This year’s Small Business Saturday takes place on December 4th.

Please support your favourite small businesses. 💕


Thank you. 

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  1. Such a wonderful blog post. I love the idea of the ripples in the community that supporting small businesses bring. Thank you so much for the shoutout for my hand weaving shop.

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