Stupid Stuff People say to Embroiderers

I have kindly been allowed to hang out at the
back of my husband’s shop squatting in his would-be office for some years now.
Though small, I have a large window, bespoke lighting and it allows me to be
close by to enjoy conversations with his customers and partake of a good deal
of eaves dropping. It has not been uncommon for curious customers to ask my
occupation or enquire why I might be ripping up fabric and I have been all too
ready to enlighten them.

The other day I was musing upon how often my
occupation has been requested over the years and the reactions this evokes. I
thought it might write a Blog post that many embroiderers, indeed, needle
workers in general, would share amusement and a shared experience of and thus “Stupid
stuff people say to embroiderers” originated.

Now in the main, in fact pretty much all of the
time, reactions are a mixture of fascination, approbation and in some cases a
request to see a piece I may be working on. Nothing is more touching than
observing how an embroidery can bring such delight to the viewer and almost
always a cheerful childhood memory or other is recalled. It is at these times, during
the relentless skeining of thread cards and monotonous kit packing, I realise
how incredibly lucky I am to make this graceful art my business

But it is inevitable though that there are many
amusing banalities so in no particular order here they are:

“Oh Wow!……..So do you do Logos?” 

…….It very
often take a second for the penny to drop when I realise they think I am a
commercial workwear place that does machine embroidered designs.

“Right!……Do you make a living from that then?”  /  “Is that a job then?!”


 “My Gran did that, Bless her!”

……… Because embroidery is for ‘old people’ (NOT)

“Aww….People don’t do that anymore, do they!”

That is why people buy my embroidery kits and read magazines I design for!

“Do you make Curtains? / Wedding Dresses?” 

………..Do you
want a punch in the head?

“Ohhhh! I don’t suppose you could take up my daughters school skirt?”

……… Do you seriously want a punch in the head?

“Great!……That reminds me: I’ve got some old tablecloths my Nan did for
the charity shop ; Do you want them?”

….there are
just no words…

“Does that mean you ‘get needled’ quickly?!!!….HAHAA! ‘Get

……there really are just no words…..

“Oh! I wouldn’t have the time or patience; personally I couldn’t sit
around all day doing that sort of thing!”


No doubt some of these may have made you laugh
and some may have made you roll your eyes in sympathy, whilst others you may
agree are just plain impudent but I have to admit it wasn’t until thinking
about this Blog, I had really accounted any of them on the page. I will leave
the last comments to you, my readers, to add more of your own and you never
know, you may even tell me a few witty rejoinders for next time I hear any of
these again, which you can be certain, won’t be long!

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5 out of 5

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