So who’s Northern Smuggler??

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Well if you’ve made it this far ged on! Come on in have a cuppa and enjoy this little ditty.

So who and what is Northern Smuggler? 

Hi I’m Hayley.

Head designer, creator, chief pot wash, children wrangler just to name a few. I’m the often slightly wild eyed, possible frazzled face behind Northern Smuggler.

So who and what is Northern Smuggler? 

Well I’m the Smuggler. Cornish born and bred smuggling is in our blood (along with copious amounts of  clotted cream). My husband he’s the Northerner, a born and bred Scouser and  Northern Smuggler was one of our happy little accidents.

We we’re getting married and because that’s not stressful enough we decided we were going to make our own wedding rings. (Proper job). So we’re all prepared, we do some courses, watch lots of you tube videos, practice, practice, practice. Creative juices are flowing. We make rings, I level up, make some bangles. Try some thing new, make earings, cuff links, necklaces, bracelets. You name it I made it.

Let’s fast forward 15 months, it’s the week before the wedding I have a lot of jewellery but vitally no wedding bands. (Insert face palm here) 

But we did discover I had a real love of ( and a little natural flare if I do say so myself) for making jewellery and by now I had a whole big stockpile of pieces going on and so Northern Smuggler was born. 

With my shop name and Cornish roots it’s so natural for me to incorporate the ocean and beach into my work. So if your looking for a little bit of Cornwall to keep close to your heart come by Northern Smuggler and take a peak….. 

Just don’t ask me to make wedding bands!!!!! 

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5 out of 5

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  1. What a great story! I was reading a blog about workshops where people can come & make a Wedding band for each other in a day! So romantic! Look forward to reading more of your blogs! Oh and being a Devon gal I could eat clotted cream all day, every day!

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