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V-Eco Food Wraps

V-Eco Food Wraps

Welcome!  Fling The Cling And Grab Our Wraps!

Hi, I’m Jan – based in Liverpool, where I handmake my reusable vegan waxed wraps – the perfect alternative to cling film and sandwich bags

I ONLY make Vegan Wraps, so if you want to make ethical choices or are allergic to beeswax wraps, please be assured that NO animal by-products are used and there is NO risk of cross-contamination.

Whether you and your family are just starting out on your Eco-conscious journey or are already on the road, this funky kitchenware takes you one step nearer to plastic free living. They’re perfect for gift giving and make an easy gift for Eco-Conscious family and friends.

You’ll find full details on each item in the shop, but here’s a quick run-down of my non-sticky wraps that are currently in the range:
ButtyWrap™ – Perfect for packed lunches and picnics 
WrapRound ™ – Keeps food fresh and leaves no residue on your glassware, crockery, wooden or plasticware.  
SoapSaver™ – Ideal for keeping wet soap & shampoo bars away from the rest of your toiletries. Who wants a mushy mess in their make-up bag? 

If you’ve any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact me.
Happy Wrapping!

Shop owner V-Eco Food Wraps