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Tez Illustrator

Tez Illustrator

Are you looking for something ‘off the wall’ to go on the wall? An original illustration or print that isn’t mass produced but unique?   Or maybe something not ‘off the shelf’ to go on the shelf?  like a message in a bottle?  Or something unusual like a recycled eco notebook?

You’ve arrived!

Eco Statement: As far as possible, I use eco friendly, cruelty free materials to produce my work. I use synthetic paint brushes as opposed to animal hair. Quality recycled paper for my original artwork, and I recycle/reuse fabric, paper, envelopes, labels and magazines etc in my mini notebooks, collage work and packaging. 
Your purchases are, as far as possible, packed in reused or recycled packing material, and of course, still packed with care.

Thank you for your support.

Shop owner Tez Illustrator