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Ruby and Jack Design

Ruby and Jack Design

I’m Jack and i’m a designer maker based in Hampshire. I use anodised aluminium and copper wire to make stylishly unique sculptures.  I also make colourful lightweight jewellery with anodised aluminium together with sterling silver.  I’m inspired by order and repetition in nature and my sculptures are usually seedpods, flowers, birds and fish with vibrant prints.  My jewellery is made up of simple forms with graphic prints of flowers, seedpods and geometric shapes which I design and make.

I use anodised aluminium for its durability and endless possibilities. I hand dye, pattern and texture the anodised aluminium, then steam it to set the colour.  I then cut, shape and sand it to make the finished product. 

For jewellery I use sterling silver for ear wires,  pendants and chains alongside the aluminium.  The sculptures are made with copper wire dipped in platinol, and used together with the colourful aluminium.  I source reclaimed wood for the bases and also use regular soft wood.

Shop owner Jackie Denham