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After having my first child, Pip,  I started to dabble in creating bits and bobs using my sewing machine.  I found I had lots of lovely fabrics from which to create.

Pip is the name of my little girl who inspired me to take up a new hobby, sewing. Using Pip’s outgrown wardrobe and I decided to make some memory pieces. Pipcicle was born!  Then Bubs arrived and I had a whole rainbow of colours to explore. Then I started to create personal gifts for close friends and family and Pipcicle has grown from there.  

‘-cicle’ as every fabric I use is repurposed.   I never buy new fabric and I love a browse in a charity shop. All fabric is cleaned, steamed and pressed and then turned into something new.

I create bespoke home-sewn creations mainly using freehand machine embroidery and appliqué. In particular I like to make something personalised and unique to the recipient especially when it utilises a special fabric to them.

If you spot anything you like or have an idea that you would like Pipcicled then drop me a message [email protected]

Commissions Welcomed.

Laura x

Shop owner Pipcicle