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monk and daisy

monk and daisy

Hi, welcome to our shop!! My partner (Chris ‘Monk’) & I (‘Daisy’) love crafts.
As an engineer, Chris loves to tinker with metal and machinery in the workshop and has created some fantastic horseshoe art…

I’ve become obsessed with crochet over the last few years and am running out of places to hide yarn in the house (buying yarn and making things are two separate hobbies!!)

Hope you like our items, any questions please ask…

Back soon!
  • crocheted-shawl-in-purples-pinks

    Batik Asymmetrical Scarf Shawl in Pinks and Purples

    Sale! £42.00 £38.00
  • long-scarf-in-blues-and-greens

    Batik shawl scarf in blues and greens

    Sale! £40.00 £35.00
  • handmade-rainbow-shawl

    Colourful Asymmetrical Shawl

    Sale! £40.00 £35.00
  • Boho wind spinners

    Crochet Boho Wind Spinners

  • crochet-flower-bookmark

    Crochet Flower Bookmark

  • crocheted storage baskets various colours

    Crocheted Baskets – set of 3 – various colours

  • colourful-summer-bag-crocheted

    Crocheted Cross Body Bag

  • fingerless mittens coloured

    Crocheted Fingerless Mittens

  • crocheted-storage-pouches

    Crocheted Hanging Storage Pouches

  • Crocheted-heart-bouquet-decorations

    Crocheted Heart

  • crocheted-hearts-stake-decorations-in-yellows

    Crocheted Hearts in Yellows

  • granny-square-pencil-case-in-blues.

    Crocheted Pencil Case / Make Up Bag