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MollyG Designs

MollyG Designs


I’m Molly,  and always happy with a sewing needle in my hand. My soutache, shibori and beaded jewellery and accessories are mainly one-of-a-kind, using gorgeous colours, textures and intricate designs. For every day and special days.

You’ll also find unique art dolls and home decor pieces and gifts in my shop. Thank you for visiting.

  • Art-Doll-Christmas-Gift-Skater-Collectable-MollyG-Designs

    Art Doll Christmas Skater Collectable

    Sale! £128.00 £102.40
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  • Art-Doll-Ooak-Collectable-Textile-MollyG-Designs-1.

    Art Doll Ooak Fantasy Textile Collectable Pixie

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  • Art-Doll-Collectable-OOAK-Textile-MollyG-Designs

    Art Doll Collectable Steampunk Textile Fantasy

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  • Art-Doll-Collectable-Textile-Burlesque-Dancer

    Art Doll Collectable Burlesque Dancer. Fantasy Textile Collectors Dolls

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  • Beaded soutache bracelet MollyG Designs handmade jewellery

    Beaded Soutache Bracelet. Pretty Jewellery from MollyG Designs. Letterbox gifts

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  • Soutache Beaded Bracelets MollyG Designs Letterbox Gifts

    Pretty Openwork Soutache Bracelets MollyG Designs Letterbox Gifts

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  • Pink-Beaded-Soutache-Bangle-MollyG-Designs 1

    Pink Beaded and Soutache Bangle MollyG Designs

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  • Bangles unique handmade jewellery MollyG Designs

    Bangles. Unique handmade soutache jewellery. MollyG Designs

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  • -Abalone-MollyG-Designs

    Bangle, Beaded Abalone Bracelet Handmade By MollyG Designs

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  • Black-Beaded-Soutache-Bracelet-MollyG-Designs

    Black Beaded Soutache Bracelet MollyG Designs Unique Sparkling Jewellery

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  • Green Silk Beaded Statement Cuff

    Green Silk Beaded Statement Cuff. Unique Special Occasion Jewellery

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  • Statement Green Soutache Necklace

    Green Soutache Necklace Beaded and Handmade Statement Jewellery

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