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Little Window Workshop

Little Window Workshop

Welcome to Little Window Workshop

I make little wooden decorative house ornaments and little wooden house Scenes.

All my houses can be personalised, and make beautiful gifts for the home.

I love to create these adorable little houses, my thought, time and passion goes into creating each one to give it its own individual charm,  and a piece you or your loved ones will enjoy for many years to come.

All my  houses are constructed using wood and other materials sourced in the Lancashire countryside, plus other little treasures I find along the way. The wood is cleaned and sterilized in a mild bleach solution before use and then painted in water based paints. Each one is decorated individually to give it its own unique look.

I can also customise your house with personal details such as street names, house names or door numbers, if you want to give it as a special gift or even just for yourself.

Thank you so much for looking, and I hope you will enjoy these little gems as much as I have enjoyed making them

Shop owner Steffy1970